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I am happy to advise everyone that this is the BEST day care I have ever used. All my children have been made to feel welcome, even when miles from home and family. Karen has helped our family so very much, over and above what would be expected and I will forever be in her debt. The staff are so wonderful and caring, so full of love and understanding. It is with regret that we leave, but we are returning home. Thank you all again for everything you have done, you are true angels. E, M, A, I, D 01/09/2022

G.. has spent a wonderful time at Kids corner in the last 2 year and you all have been amazing with him and the other children. Thank you very much for the great work and time that has been put into this by everyone! ....Kids Corner will need to find a new boat captain.... 😂🤣😅

We are so grateful for each of you ladies and the efforts you put in each day. It’s nice to know our kids are in good hands. Thankyou!  03/06/22

Not just our kids us parents u guys have helped me during my toughest struggles. You guys have supported, guided and gave me strength to push threw n complete my goals u all are amazing people we love u guys thank u  15/07/2022

You are the most caring and loving Educators - kids corner is a home away from home and S loves you all xx  02/12/2021

Thank you very much for all your hard work and tremendous efforts to make our children better for this world :-) Xx   01/09/2021

I just want to take this moment to commend you Karen on your progressive rostering system though. My children have been through 2 other kindies before yours and not one of those places rostered wellness days. Which as a mother of 3 is so important when so many children rely on you to be there for them on so many levels. My children have shown so much growth while in your care and that is what I feel you all care for our children rather then just look after our children. There’s a massive difference and I think it’s hard to spot sometimes if you haven’t had much experience with child cares before. Thank you to you and all the staff.  23/11/2020

He loves books so much! They are an important part of play time at home so it’s nice to see him also enjoying it at daycare too! It’s also so lovely to know he’s all smiles and giggles with his lovely educators!    18/11/2020

I used to water paint with grandma and grandad in Brisbane and she hasn’t had the opportunity over here yet! She would have loved this and I think you are all showing her the love and involvement she remembers before. Thank you all for your support 💕 she is growing up literally 🥰 Omg I had to stop! Soooo many good pictures but I hope this helps you ladies understand I as a person a bit better and also us as a family. She is the sweetest, kindest little girl and her mummy and daddy need help remembering to be patient some times 💕🌈 a rainbow for you     02/11/2020

Thanks Mia ❤️❤️❤️ we really appreciate the extra support to help K feel comfortable    12/10/2020

How fun! I wonder where the tunnel will take them? Through time? Through the garden? Turn them all from crawling caterpillars to butterflies? The colours remind me of the hungry caterpillar 🐛

Thankyou all so much for taking the time to make sure our kids and your selves are safe! You all deserve a well earned rest this weekend!!! Thankyou!!

What an excellent job you're doing to help maintain the centre and help keep everyone safe, happy and healthy ☺

Thank you girls for all your hard work ❤️

Thanks again Karen. Take care of during this time! Just makes us all appreciate our health that little bit more 🙏

Absolutely first class Karen ! You can’t do anything more are all doing a fantastic job :)

Being able to build strong friendships is so important for little ones.This is so beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing. Their little smiles melt my heart xox

A has to do everything himself and he is very independant! And that is amazing that you can provide opportunities for children to take time to do things by themselves rather than rushing them

Outdoor play was one of the main reasons we chose Kids Corner ..J loves playing outdoors. My generation (I’m an older mum) all grew up in the outdoors ..sandpits, climbing trees, bike riding (and roaming the streets) ..we were free range kids.. I think the outdoors / nature is really good for kids 🌳 🌳🌳☀️21/02/2020

Being outdoors is so important for children, especially now that house sizes seem to have increased and backyard spaces seem to have decreased (along with block sizes!) it’s not as easy as it once was to simply send a child outside into the garden to play. It’s such a vital part of their upbringing and that’s part of the reason we liked Kids Corner was for that fantastic outdoor space. 2020

As you know H**** is starting pre-primary this year, so I’m very sad to say it will be his last day at Kids Corner on 30th of January 2020. We are really going to miss you guys. You and your gorgeous team have helped M** and I raise M**** and H**** for over 7 years!


Your knowledge, kindness and love for the kids is second to none and you exceeded our expectations from day 1. We always felt confident leaving our kids in your care and knew they would always have the best day, learning, playing, making friends and more importantly getting dirty! (Which was my favourite) M** and I will forever be thankful for everything you have taught our kids.


We will always talk highly of you and recommend you to everyone!

All my love and gratitude,

L*****     6th January 2020

Thank you for just being the lovely people you all are at kids corner. It’s always lovely to see genuine kindness.

 Thank you

Brooke 9/1/20

You provide a good learning environment for my children. My children and I love kids corner. Thank you! 18/11/19

I really love that all the educators and staff get to know all the children - not just those in their direct care. I appreciate the level of communication at Kids Corner - especially Story Park and a quick debrief at drop off and pick up. The upcoming parent night is above and beyond! Thank you from the ***** family. 5/10/19


I love kids corner. I would recommend you guys to everyone. You guys do an amazing job and appreciate everything you do. Such a wonderful nurturing environment for children. August 2019


I just want to thank you for the amazing support we have received during this hard year for us. ***** has always been so happy to go to daycare and I always trust that he is in the best hands. Thank you so much . July 2019


Amazing service! I would not choose anywhere else for ***! 17 June 2019


Very satisfied with the staff and environment. Beautiful outdoor gardens and connection to nature. May 11, 2019


You are doing a great job guys keep it up! Wish I was a kid again. Jan 19


***** has loved his pre kindy classes and has learned so many new skill. He has also made amazing bonds with the other children and educators . This year of kindy will be so much fun for him. Cant wait to see what he learns. Jan 19


*** hardly even says goodbye any more, he is too busy once he walks through the door! Jan 19


Great staff. The most caring, nurturing and mature. December 2018


Such lovely staff. My two girls have been lucky to go to kids corner. December 15 2018


Always very informative right down to the domains being meet. Above and beyond, he is learning skills that I simply don’t have time to teach at the moment. I have been fortunate enough to have had all and more of my needs met. December 2018


Nothing has ever been ignored. I’m blessed to have been a part of the kids corner family. Simply put, I am forever grateful for all the years my children have attended especially given some very tough times. The last year you all have been an exceptional support to my children and me 💗

Nicole Gardiner Wonderfully marvellous! (Oct 2018)

Liz Allison Fabulous. Boys love it. (Oct 2018)

Federica Lorusso Friday at 8:05pm - Oct 2018

Hi Karen & Team, Simon & I would like to Thank you all for the great effort and the amazing job you all are doing on a daily basis with the kids and to keep the childcare a very enjoyable place to stay at. It's amazing to see how much Gabriel is learning over there; when he comes home he is so happy and sometimes he surprises us with new actions that clearly have been tought him at Kids Corner.... we couldn't ask for better. Great team, great place! THANK YOU.

MarjGerry Lubbers reviewed Kids Corner Childcare Centre – 5 star    The best daycare in the world!

Whitney Aholelei reviewed Kids Corner Childcare Centre – 5 star   Brilliant day care! My son loves going here and everybody is so friendly and does a great Job.

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