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Look deep into nature, and then you will

understand everything better.

Albert Einstein

Our children (all ages) get to spend many hours interacting with and learning about the natural world through outdoor play and activities, in our native garden with real grass and huge shady trees. Over 900 sq metres of outdoor natural play space.

Children are encouraged to care for and respect the natural environment and to protect it wherever possible, through careful use of resources, reclaiming, reusing and recycling; through determining safe ways to interact with the environment; by saving water and natural resources and by encouraging others to do the same.


Children grow their own vegetables, herbs and flowers, water the garden, do the weeding and assist with many gardening activities. We have a worm farm and the 'worm wee' is used to fertilizer the vegetables and herbs which we then use in our cooking. The children enjoy the cooking activities. They feed the ducks and geese on the farm next door. They visit with the Alpacas and sheep. They feed  the chickens and rooster in the chook pen too.

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